Fluted Blanks

We manufacture a wide range of fluted blanks from Ø5 up to Ø80mm. These can take the form of slug ends or solid blanks and can incorporate any of the following features:

Body – stepped diameters, tapers, profiles & undercuts
Flutes – any number, profile & angle in left & right hand spiral
Coolant Holes – any straight coolant holes
Shank – parallel or Morse taper including tangs and cross holes
Work holding – male, female & protected centres

In addition, we stock a wide range of reamer slugs from ؼ” up to
Ø1¼” with 10° left hand spiral / right hand cutting to make or
refurbish standard reamers.

We pride ourselves on industry beating lead times. Blanks in 1 to 2
weeks and finished parts in 3 to 4 weeks are habitually achieved for
this type of work.